The Ruck: KRU, Ernst&Young, Budget management 2020

The Union last year saw major sponsorship and partnership deals signed showing the ever-increasing development of the sport in the nation. One notably signed partnership was with one of the big five audit and advisory firm called Ernst&Young.

The new year brings new competitions lined up such as the HSBC World 7s Kenya Cup, Enterprise Cup, Olympics, Domestic 7’s Circuit, and the newly revamped 15s competition that will take place in the second quarter of the year where we play two home and away games. (All competitions currently suspended due to the Coronavirus)  


Ernst&Young has seen tremendous investment in sports over the years and its entry into the Kenyan market is further showing their grip and interests in furthering sports development across nations.

EY is strategically partnering with sports on the background of utilizing the existing data and analytics to help these teams, leagues, and unions make informed data-centric decisions.


If you are a follower of 7’s rugby, you cannot miss the EY logo right in front of the USAMNT&USAWMNT jerseys. EY and USA Rugby kicked off a 10-year deal that would focus heavily on expanding the sport in the region. The US sports market is one of the most diverse and interactive markets across the globe with fans watching and following at least 2 disciplines. The NBA and NFL have proved to the world that the USA fanbase comes through for their local sports. EY plans to tap into this sports market makes perfect sense, a market that is so diverse and technologically connected through various social media platforms, a market with developed training facilities and a young generation.

EY partnership comes at a time where data is being used for both on and off-field decisions. The partnership seeks to revamp USA Rugby digital strategy to held increase an audience, and further increase the business of the board.


Ernst&Young in 2017 partnered with the B&I Lions during their tour of New Zealand playing 10 matches. The partnership focused heavily on in-game data approach to help lure fans and supporters to rally behind the B&I Lions during the one-month NZ Tour.


The partnership will see EY help the union to maintain and keep all the financials in check, Budget management, and report writing. EY will deliver on KRU Program Delivery Unit as reported and this includes reports management, project plans formulation, supervision of procurement procedures, and designing financing models.

We all hope this brings positive changes in the union and all its activities especially this coming year. A year filled with defining competitions and cementing Kenya Rugby’s new decade plans. We have our eyes set for the year in Kenyan Rugby.